Oakdale Sober Grad Night

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Howdy from Oakdale High School Sober Grad Night

Oakdale High School Sober Grad Night is dedicated to providing a memorable and safe celebration for graduating seniors as they embark on their journey beyond high school. With a mission centered on creating a fun-filled evening, free from alcohol and drugs, they aim to kick off this new chapter in their lives with joy and responsibility. Through engaging activities and a supportive environment, Oakdale High School Sober Grad Night ensures that seniors can celebrate their accomplishments in a safe and enjoyable way.


Oakdale Chamber

Phone: (209) 847-2244

Facsimile: (209) 847-0826

Our Location

590 N Yosemite Avenue
Oakdale, CA 95361

9am – 5pm Monday – Thursday
9am – 3pm Friday

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