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We are dedicated to enhancing the health of our communities by breaking the barriers between oral and overall health by delivering diagnostic, preventive, and non-surgical periodontal oral care services with compassion and care to under-served populations.

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Oral health is essential to the general health and well-being of all Americans, and it is a window into the health of the body. Signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection, and diseases that affect the entire body can first become apparent through regular visits to the dentist. When professional oral care is unavailable, oral disease can cause infections that restrict activities in school, work, and home. This can often significantly diminish quality of life. Those who suffer the worst are the poor, with children and older adults particularly vulnerable. Members of racial and ethnic minority groups also experience a disproportionate level of oral and overall health problems. Care 2 U Oral Health Administrative Services brings oral health services to the people of the community that‘s being forgotten.

Oakdale Chamber

Phone: (209) 847-2244

Facsimile: (209) 847-0826

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590 N Yosemite Avenue Oakdale, CA 95361

9am – 5pm Monday – Thursday
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