Bank of Stockton

The Bank of Stockton is a unique and wonderful banking experience. Not only will you meet officers, lenders and staff that have worked with the bank for years, you will find people that live and work in your community, just like you, that care about the community. Bank of Stockton’s lending experience is quick due to local decision-makers who can be nimble and creative with financing to meet your needs.

Bank of Stockton

Hello from Bank of Stockton

Withstanding the Test of Time is our Commitment to You
Bank of Stockton is a commercial bank with a proven track record of sound banking management principles and a strong consumer and commercial customer base. As the oldest bank in California still operating under its original charter, we are here for the long haul. We have survived recessions, depressions, economic downturns, COVID-19 and many uncertainties throughout our history. Established in 1867, just two years after the Civil War, the Bank of Stockton’s founding principle, “With the safety of the depositors in mind” was a promise to our customers and the community to keep depositors’ money safe and secure. As we enter our 156th year of community banking, we’ve weathered many historical challenges along the timeline of our existence but the foundation upon which we began remains a constant you can bank on.

We are proud to continue “Withstanding the Test of Time” and be a source of strength and stability for our customers and our communities.

Oakdale Chamber

Phone: (209) 847-2244

Facsimile: (209) 847-0826

Our Location

590 N Yosemite Avenue
Oakdale, CA 95361

9am – 5pm Monday – Thursday
9am – 3pm Friday

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